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I still remember the first time I tried the amazing taste in the jar of Harry and David's Hot Pepper and Onion Relish. The sweet/hot tomato and pepper goodness was really addictive and became an instant favorite of mine. Since that first time the jars that I have had are far and few between, but in the last year I never lost the idea of possibly finding that flavor again in a recipe that I could "put up" myself.

I put out a note to my FB "peeps" and Sheryl came back to me with a possible copycat for the flavor. This is a pressure canning recipe because of the amount of onions and peppers that were required. Its a great one pot recipe, but there is quite a lot of prep for the veggies and tomatoes. In the end the flavor is as close as ever I have tasted and I now have 7 pints stashed in my pantry to enjoy. Here is the recipe.

Sweet and Hot Pepper Onion Relish
Sweet and Hot Pepper and Onion Relish
6 Cups tomatoes, skinned, diced and really well drained
6 Large red peppers, diced (I used multiple colors from garden)
6 Cups sugar
2 Tbsp salt
6 oz pectin (2 liquid packs 3oz each)
3 cups white vinegar
2 tsp ground cayenne pepper
2 jalapeno peppers, seeded and diced
3 Large onions, diced

Mix all ingredients together, except pectin and bring to a boil. Turn down and simmer for 2 to 2 1/2 hours until thickened. It should mound on your spoon. Whisk in the 2 boxes of pectin and boil for 1 minute. Pour into sterile jars filling to 1/2" headspace. Remove air bubbles and re-fill if necessary. Wipe rims, add hot lids/rings and process in pressure canner at 11 pounds  for 15 minutes for pints in a dial gauge or 10 pounds for 15 minutes for weighted gauge.

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