Types of Meat Good for CanningYou have been used to putting your meat in freezers and cold storage to prolong its lifespan. But then freezing meat can only last for a short specific amount of time. If meat has been frozen for several months, you can observe that its quality has somewhat changed. The texture of the meat has become bland or dull and its taste is not as fresh as you expect it to be.

That is why canning meat is your best option to prolong the lifespan of your meat products. There are meat products which you can preserve thru meat canning like turkey, chicken, rabbit, lamb, squirrel, beef, pork, ground beef or pork with fats trimmed off.  You can also use beef heart and tongue, beef stew, veal, venison, hamburger with spaghetti, sausages and many other more possibilities. Canning some sauces with meat like Chili sauce, meat sauces and so on are also done.

You can do meat canning of these meats by cooking via pressure cooker. This is the proper way of cooking meat that would be canned. Do not use the boiling method or any other short cut methods of cooking meat.

Always follow the correct time for pressure cooking. Pint-sized containers take 75 minutes and it takes 90 minutes for quart- sized containers.

The meats can be canned cooked or canned raw. Regardless of this, it still requires the correct time of pressure cooking.  You can do canning of cooked meat together with its juices or broth. Canning raw meat does not require any addition of liquid since it has its own juices.

Remember that these meats must be of the freshest kind. For chicken, choose the bigger ones because these are more tasteful that the smaller chickens. Cool the chicken for 6 hours to 12 hours before canning. Cut the chicken into smaller sizes, remove excess fats and you can remove the bones if you want.  For beef or pork, you can trim any excess fats. Cut into sizes and you can also remove the bones if you want.

It would be always good to remember that the quality of your canned meat would depend on the proper methods and the freshness of the meats. If you observe all these, then you can be assured that canned meat would make delicious meals for you.