I have done the Preserve Cake in the past using a half pint of fruit preserves that I made. That was a great easy dessert but I thought if I used a Bundt pan and one of the pints of my pie filling how would that turn out. Well I can say that it’s amazing!

Strawberry Pie filling – Step 1
Strawberry Pie filling – Step 1

I had made a few “pints” of strawberry pie filling that I had intended to use with ice cream, as a cobbler filling, and other dessert ideas. I needed to make a special treat for my neighbors kids who love my cupcakes.

In a Bundt pan add Pam or a nonstick spray. Empty the contents of a pint of any homemade canned pie filling and spread evenly. For this one as you can see I used strawberry.

Using either a homemade or boxed cake mix,  once blended,  pour over the pie filling. Bake for the prescribed amount based on the cake recipe. You will probably need to cook it about 10 minutes longer than needed.

Put a knife or wooden stick into the cake and see if it comes out clear to test that it’s done. Remove from oven and let cool for about 20 minutes.

Using a plate or tray place it over the top and invert the cake out of the pan. Let cool completely and serve.

This would be great with a pound or sponge cake recipe. The cake was moist enough that it didn’t need whip cream but then again that might be amazing as well!  Enjoy!