I wanted to re-post this great idea from last year since it would be a great dessert for a picnic or summer time party. Enjoy!

Preserve Cake

The basic premise is to use either half empty jars of preserves you have in the refrigerator or to open a jar to add a special touch to an ordinary cake. It is a very simple recipe and other than your cake box or scratch recipe you only add your creations from the jars. Cake flavors are your own imagination with the preserves you want to use. Some ideas are spice cake with the carrot cake jam or chocolate cake with a strawberry preserve. This recipe works better with a preserve or jam that has pieces or bits of fruit in it.

Cherry-under the influence-Jam with a Lemon Cake

In a 9″ cake pan pour the contents of your open or newly opened preserve jar. You can use a half pint jar but the cake will be too soggy if you use a whole pint. If you have a few jars open you can use both putting each on half the pan. Make the cake batter from scratch or your box and slowly pour the mix in the cake pan making sure to completely cover the bottom. Cook the cake as per the recipes instructions. (Usually 350 degrees for 25-27 minutes) Once the cake is done let it cool for about 20 minutes.

Basic yellow cake with my pear preserve


Using a flat cake plate, place the plate over the top and invert the cake onto the plate lifting the pan slowly exposing the top which is now the yummy preserve topping. Continue to let the cake cool, cover or  put into the refrigerator. Add a bit of whip topping or serve as a coffee cake.