Canning Extravaganza

Today I was blessed to get a link to a great write up from one of my followers about an extravaganza weekend of canning with her mom. Many of the recipes they canned were from my website, not necessarily my creations, but I couldn’t be more proud of the work and the photos that she posted on her blog.

I love hearing about the work that went into the canning and for me Brandi, the writer, has a clear perspective on what canning means to her. Brandi and I come from very different worlds and most likely backgrounds, but when it comes to the joy and reward of canning we follow the same path. I enjoy the spirit that canning brings to people and how in some insignificant way I can be a part of their lives. Today I feel like I have really done a good job in my goal to “pay it forward”. Thank you Brandi.

To read about Brandi’s fantastic and exhausting weekend, please check out her blog and the 77 successful jars with her mom! Thanks again Brandi for sharing all the awesome work!

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