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The Seed Swap is now closed! Here are the names of the people that I sent an email to about the swap. These are in RANDOM order so please do not think you will be sending to the person's name below you. Please check your email account if you are on the list. Make sure to check your spam or junk mail folder as well. Contact me if you didn't get your email at   Thank you for participating!

Wanda Rhoades
Sandi Hux
glenda Black
Sandi Gentile
Jane Kellison
Ceely King
Christin Ellis
Melinda Reeves
Julie Roth
Jennie Wright
Christol Masti
Cindy Wilson kosloski
Sister Lori Barretta
Rebecca Palay
Kathy Humphres
Erin Handy
Vicki Reams
Carole Pierce
Claire Demetroules
Anne Nitkowski
Denise Boshea,
Chantel McGrew
Kate Holcomb
M White
Lucia Yednak
Kim Dyck
Tracy Womack
pamela long
Phyllis Betancourt
Christy Manzanares
Gina Daft
Debbie Wilt
Sondra Guire
showna schamberger
Billie Welchman
Denise Sis
Jennifer Honnell
Bonnie Gurganus
Gary Bingham
Nickey McDonough
Ruth Schroeder
Hannah Rubenstahl
Toni Tuttle
Sarah Husak
Gina Chaplow
Cindy Goforth
Daphne Gray
Donna Liner
Teresa Schawo
Jennifer Williams
Ron Depot
Donna McCarty
Angela Parsons
Kathy Quinters
amy baer
Jen LaValley Hurley
Lesa Branstetter
Marla Gillum
Sonya Mavis
Desirae Bearden
Jenny Rosemark
Tish Hurd
Amanda Lindsey
heather vanmoer
Wendy Latimer
Meegan Ware
Helen Cates
Amy Donovan
Vicky Girdler
Diana Worden
Brandi Kelley
Sarah Miller
Deborah Gibbs
Amanda Pritchard
Evangeline DelBono
Linda Bacon
Denice Lindsey
Amy Layfield
Beverly Frederick
Christine Armbrust
Audrey Keglovitz
Kathy J. Johnson
Crystal Dickson
Jenni Malcomb
Amber Jones
LeAnne Bird
Kelly Blizzard
Jessica Shaffer
Jessica Bowman
Coconut FireRaven
Kim Holman
Kristin Condon
Anne Ulm
Yvette Boren
Melissa Brown
Karen Baker
Katrina Roo
Alicia Sidebottom
Cheri Brown-Arata
Erica Simms
Laurie Parker
Adelina Warriner
Jolene Frietze
Debra A Nelson
Donnely K Barber
Jeri Moretti
michelle hayman
Rachel Creech
Denise Brown,
Carlene Hydric
Jan Thomas
deborah denner
Tiffany Blake
Lisa DeNault
Sheryl Leslie
Kim Maselbas
Jerri Peacock
Cassi O'Donnell
Lizzie Powell
Michelle Wands
Becky Steiger
Lynn Trudeau-Rodriguez
Janice Mercieri
Sandy Watson
Sharon Williams
Jennie Atnip
Johanna Rendon
Chris Dunn
Gwendolyn Ballay
Connie Newport
Teresa Gregory
Kelly Abrahamson
Barb Touchette
Susan dallas
Lauri Williams
Leslie Stewart
Jacki Hayes
Cheryl Tower

$5 max 1 to 2 packets/You name and other information will never be shared with anyone other than your sender!


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