Meat Preservation by CanningOne of the best ways to preserve meat is by canning. This can be done without too much use any chemicals and additives. Very few use this method of preservation for meat because most people practice the method of preserving meat in cold storage or freezers.

Canned meat is capable of lasting for several years as long as it has gone through correct preservation methods and proper storage. Thus, meat canning is certainly is an advantage to make meat last longer.

Almost any kind of meat can be preserved thru canning. It would be good if you choose the best cuts of meat for canning.  You can choose meat with the least fat or meat with the fat taken out. You must also take into consideration the best kind of canning to be used in your meat. With these two important things in mind, you can be assured that your canned meat would be the best of its kind.

It would be best if you use a pressure cooker to prepare your meat for canning. This would make the meat tender. Pressure cooking also eliminates bacteria that may cause contamination. Just follow the précised time of cooking your meat and the précised time of cooling it down. This is an important procedure in meat canning.

If you are doing your own meat canning, it would be good if you know the exact cooking time for the sizes of your containers. For pint size, the cooking time should be 75 minutes and for the quart size cooking must be at least for 90 minutes. This is regardless if you are canning meat that has been cooked or uncooked meat. The pressure cooker has to be measured from the point it attains 10 pounds of pressure, or if you are using a dial gauge canner, then it should reach 11 pounds of pressure. The time and pressure could be adjusted depending on your altitude.

In canning your cooked meat, make sure that you fill the container with cooked meat just about 2/3 about done with its hot soup, with a 1 ¼ inches of space from the rim of the container or cover. You must do the procedure within the proper time allotted for it to avoid contamination. Ground meats are canned better if all excess fat has been trimmed off and be canned immediately after cooking. Uncooked meats are canned without any liquids inside. Make sure your containers are properly and securely sealed. Test the lids after 24 hours. The lids must not budge when compressed and the lids should be properly curved in. If these are not met, then you must place your canned meat in cold storage or do the process again.

Canning meat is a nice way of preserving meat. It makes meat just as delicious as you want it to be.