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Jennifer was asking about an easy peanut butter fudge recipe and wanted to post it for anyone who needs a batch in a hurry. It only take a few ingredients and you can make it with so many variations. Chocolate peanut butter, rocky road with nuts and mini marshmallows, chocolate walnut, white chocolate macadamia nuts, and so many more!

Easy Fudge Basics

1 1/2 bags of semi sweet, white, milk, butterscotch or peanut butter chips
1 - 14oz can of sweet condensed milk

Combination of peanut butter, white chocolate
and semisweet

Heat the chocolate or peanut butter chips on low in a double boiler or a small pan.

Make sure you keep it on low! Add a can of the condensed milk and stir them together. When you see that most of the chip are melted remove it from the heat.

Stir till almost completely melted ( 4-5 minutes)
There may be a few chips not melted but it will continue to melt in the pan.

Pour into pan

Pour into a square 9" pan or any pan that has sides. If you want the fudge to be thinner use a larger pan and spread it out. Add butter or parchment on the bottom. Leave on the counter till cool to the touch. Then put into the fridge. After about an hour cut into pieces.. Your done!

I did a combination of peanut butter, white chocolate and semi sweet chips since I wanted Jennifer to see how it's done. Also if you are going to add nuts stir them into the fudge while over the heat just to incorporate them. When I did this batch I put the nuts at the bottom of the pan, which you would also do with marshmallows, so that when you flip over the pan to cut them you get the less rough side with the nuts on the top. 
Spread around while the chocolate is hot
Flip over pan once chilled for an hour or
fudge should come away easily from parchment.
If it's not solid put it back in the fridge.
Cut into smaller pieces! Devour!

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