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Fromage Blanc is also known as the “champagne” of cheese. It’s soft spreadable with a more subtle flavor than then strong flavor of yogurt.  Fromage Blanc works well on toast or homemade breads such as bagels, hearty crackers or as a dip for fruit or vegetables. This cheese is simple to put together and is a great starter cheese for those who are just starting to work with cultures.

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1 gallon of milk 
Half and Half or Whole Milk (not ultrapastuerized) or combination 
1 packet Fromage Blanc Starter Culture
            (Fromage Blanc starter has both starter culture and rennet)
Fromage Blanc culture added to milk

Butter Muslin or a tight weave dish towel 
            (check your dollar store for cotton dish towels)
Large Stainless steel pot

Culture the Milk -
Heat your milk to 86°F. Remove the milk from the heat and thoroughly stir in the packet of Fromage Blanc culture. Cover the pot and leave the mixture to culture for 12 hours at approximately 72°F. (If your kitchen is cold wrap the pot in a towel).
After 12 hours the consistency of the milk should look more like a yogurt or a solid mass. You will see a separation of the white color of the curd from the clearer liquid of the whey. 
Straining the Fromage Blanc cheese
Strain the Cheese-
Place a piece of butter muslin (doubled) or dish towel in a colander in or over a bowl.  Gently spoon, careful not to break the curds, the cheese into the butter muslin.  Gather the corners of the muslin up and tie around a wooden spoon.  
Hang the butter muslin filled with the Fromage Blanc over a bowl so the whey can drain. 
Allow the Fromage Blanc to drain for 6-12 hours to reach the desired consistency. 
6 hours for a soft, spreadable cheese or dip or 12 hours for a consistency of cream cheese

Soft Consistency

How long will it last? -  
Fromage Blanc will stay good in the refrigerator for up to one week. It can be frozen as well but must be salted well prior to freezing. Remove as much of the whey as possible the drier the Fromage Blanc, the better it will freeze. 

Additional use - 
Use Fromage Blanc with a little sugar to frost cupcakes or carrot cake in place of cream cheese frosting. 

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