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One of my favorite recipes for the last few months has been the Tomato Pineapple Basil Jam which came from an adaptation of the Better Homes and Garden Canning Magazine. We planted a few tomato plants toward the end of July and one, a yellow tomato, has been producing about a dozen every day or two ready to be picked. It is naturally a low acidic tomato but has the fresh garden taste I enjoy so much.  I could either put them up in jars as pints of diced tomatoes which I did before, but I decided to use these beauties in the jam recipe. It turned out delicious and displays beautifully in the jar. Here is the recipe:

Yellow Tomato Thyme Jam 
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(adapted from BHG Tomato Basil Jam)

2 1/2 pounds yellow tomatoes (diced to measure 3 1/2 cups)
1/2 cup bottled lemon juice
2 T. snipped fresh lemon thyme (regular thyme will work)
1 T. red hot peppers, minced (optional)
2 cups sugar
1 package powdered pectin for lower sugar recipes (3 T. Ball Flex batch pectin)

Finely chop tomatoes. Measure 3 1/2 cups tomatoes and add to stainless steel saucepan. Bring to boil, stirring occasionally. Reduce heat. Simmer, covered for 10 minutes, stirring often. Stir in lemon juice, peppers and thyme.  Add sugar and return bring to a  boil, stirring often. Add the pectin and return to a full rolling boil for one minute. Remove from heat and quickly skim off foam.

Ladle hot jam into hot sterilized half pint jars, leaving a 1/4 headspace. Wipe jar rims, add lids and rings. Process in water bath for 10 minutes at a full boil. Makes 5 jars.

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