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We are six months from the holidays but this is a gift in jars that we need to start now. A great home made vanilla extract is the perfect item for anyone who you love who loves being in the kitchen. It's a simple recipe and will be treasured by your recipient. You can pair this with your favorite "cookies in a jar" recipe and it will be truly complete.

Keep vanilla extract in a cool, dark place, with the bottle tightly closed, to prevent evaporation and loss of flavor. Vanilla extract has an indefinite shelf life.

Homemade Vanilla Extract

5 whole Vanilla beans
16 ounces of Vodka

Vanilla beans in vodka and ball canning jar
Photo from Ruthie Hansen on Flickr
Split Vanilla beans down the center to exposed the pods and put them into a pint size jar. Add Vodka to the jar and screw on ring and lid. Store in a dark cool place shaking the jar at least twice a week.  After a month minimum the extract will be ready to use. If you do have some evaporation add more vodka to the jar leaving the vanilla beans in the jar. Shake the jar before using the extract each time.

You are looking for this beautiful amber color. The longer the bean is in the vodka the darker the color.

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